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Prepare to Face the Hardest time of Humanity

What should followers do from now on?:
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
Everything that you built on false hood will perish. If Allah wish Faith ((Imaan) then Whatever is on halal will remain in your pocket and under your feet and whatever is haram will leave you.
So prepare for the hardest times of humanity. All that is built with haram will perish.
So look at your house,is it mortgaged with Riba (interest/usuary)? Then it will leave you soon.
Look at your car is it brought with bank loan? Then it will leave you soon.
Look at your public transports (road rail flight ship etc). Is it financed from interest paying capital markets?. It will perish soon.

All technology and infrastructure will cease to exist, because it’s finance is sourced from Riba (usury terms)!

List of Countries with external debt:


Look at your food, is it transported by interest paying and alcohol selling super markets?. Then your food going to an end soon. Awliya Allah,especially Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (q.s) said to go to homeland/country side and establish farm house and community four years ago!


I did not see any murid in Europe and America taking heed. So many khalifas fooling mureeds and themselves. Because they did not yet completely believed in their Shaykh yet!

You can sell your property and donate money to build Islamic community in the countryside and you and family also take part in it, in that way your mortgaged life and wealth will be purified.
Otherwise you lose all that without any use to you and no use to anyone else.
Like 100 families to 300 families together contribute their skills or wealth or both. And move to places where arable land and water sources available and make living with a dergha such way you can spend all that wealth in the cause of Allah and purified your wealth and be in safety in this world and hereafter.
Leave egoistic possessions.
So now you think i am crazy. But after a few years when you are late to take this advise,and you will say Ali was right and we are late.
Ali takes from heavenly source and warning you and you took from your own nafs and it is cheating you.

So many busy with building dergah and masjids in cities, just to show off their group’s strength and presence!

Nabi alaihiswalathu wa salam and Awliya Allah are ordering Muslims to seek shelter and place of worship in country side!

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 210:

Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri:

Allah’s Apostle said, “There will come a time when the best property of a Muslim will be sheep which he will take to the tops of mountains and the places of rainfall so as to flee with his religion from the afflictions.

Best wishes to all people…

So today, how many are doing it?, I am asking to Naqshbandis in Europe and America!

Instead of spending in big cities why don’t you spend in country sides?, you are thinking that the earning you getting from city jobs is going to stay with you?

Your banks may disappear without giving you a prior notice, you had signs from Greece and Cyprus!

Cyprus and Greece are two examples  and Signs given to you, but you rejected it!

You may claim that Mawlana will help you in the City center?, No one help you,

In a statement Mawlana said: “Those who do not take advise, Awliya Allah will not take their responsibilities!

You can refer Saltanat TV, ah, Saltanat is another Sufi entertainment channel for you, to look at nice video of Mawlana say masha Allah Masha ALLAH from your luxury room in an Apple Mac Book!

So if you are taking heed, then get ready and make your wealth Wakf (religious trust) and build community and share with them.  Make farming and skilled traditional works.

Learn history,  study how people lived a 1000 years ago, brink back those methods and life style and at that time, the trials and tribulations will not affect you at all!

Start building this times itself, don’t wait until the fire catch to extinguish it!, “prevention is better than cure”

If you train yourself now, then you do not miss having a car, you do not get distress not having internet and phone connection.

You do not get bored not going to restaurants for dinner and watching films!

Begin to change now, before you are forced to change by circumstances and nature.

Take training from people who live in country side, do not get fooled by Shaykhs and leaders who call you to cities!

There is no blessings on Cities, cities are fortress of Satan, and center of all evil!

Stop living with paying, payments are dependence, be worldly life independent from Cities and markets as much as possible!  

Stop show off, save your life and style to save your faith (Imaan)


If you think I am wrong you can consult with any Prophets and Saints of your choice…