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Eid Milad Nabi Message

MILADU NABI MESSAGE:(Rabi Awwal 13,1435, January 14,2014)
Auzubillahi Mina Shaitani Rajeem
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,
Allahumma Swalli Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala aali Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa sallim

I celebrated milad nabi with zikr salawat and charity…
and prayer for ummah
i think everyone did like that, but some people distributing food in parcels and take away boxes, and throwing the plastic books and bags in the road side, when such things are haram, such milad nabi celebrations are not accepted by Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salam

Islam is a responsible religion to mankind, if Muslims leaders are not taking responsibilities of what is happening around the world, and re-directing the followers of to establish peace, freedom of worship and safety, but busy with some parade and dramatic events in the name of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) or christians in the name of Jesus Christ (A.S), such things are only empty deceit and there will be doing it for their ego!

this Mawlid celebrations are not done for Prophet a.s.w.s really!
But as a custom and practise!
how many really going for Juma for the sake of Allah?
it has become a social custom [Taboo/Mamool (Malayalam)] to engage this kind of things!
and every fool find it is something great!
The real way of celebrating Mawlid is to bring peace and safety for Muslims, to bring up unity and ceasefire of the sectarian clashes!
This Satans and agents of Dajjal cannot do that!
I am disappointed with all of them.
Imam Mahdi (A.S) is coming to punish all this jahil heedless and headless leaders and groups!
and Mahdi’s fight is with Muslims and their leaders!, not with Kafirs (unbelievers)
Mahdi’s horse run through the lands of the descendants of Abraham (A.S) not in Americas or Australia…and the rest world will migrate to the the land between China to Spain…

So we must strive to establish Peace Love and Safety for all Mankind. Only that way we can please Almighty God and the One whom God Sent to this world as a Mercy to the Whole World (Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
That must be the Mawlid celebration of a true Muslim.
Because Prophet (s.a.w) saying: “Believers are one body, one part hurt, another part feels the pain”
also “A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim”

So now, do you make celebration when your young brother and old brother are killed and evicted from their home?

So think about people in Syria, Palestine Iraq, Burma, Somalia, Central African Republic etc!

It is a Sunna (Tradition of Prophet) to establish Peace treaty between tribes and between Muslims and people of other faith?
Has any scholar came forward to bring up peace talk?, to bring up peace love and safety?

Everyone is busy becoming a “public figure” in Media!, but be a Father to displaced orphans, be a brother to homeless sisters, be a sister to homeless and destitute brothers!

Everyone is busy discussing (this kind of idle talks disgusting me) with tales of shirk haram and bidha!

The shirk is hidden in you is your ego!, when you conquer and destroy your ego, then come to speak about other shirks and other innovations!

You must be united in Muhammadu rasoolullah (ref:Quran 48:29)and take every opportunity to come under Muhamamd rasool Allah (S.a.w) When they put prophet aside and thinking he is dead he cannot hear help or reply, and thinking that they can succeed only with Quran and hadith, that is when they lost their track…

So they made this world into a great mess!, so many universities and colleges came that teach Islam, in the time of best generations and their successors, the Imams were a few, but now 1000s of Imams, 1000s of muftis, millions of aalims and aalimahs, and the world is going more in the drain without peace love and safety!
Think,why they did not succeed in their role?
Because, they were not Muhammad Conscious , Muhammad (s.a.w) to them,is a Prophet whose time is over!

But Muhamamd (s.a.w)”s time never over, he was before Adam and he is the eternal Ambassador and Khalifa of Allah (he is the Rool Al Qudus-Holy Spirit)
without that spirit of truth, no one will be guided, that is why even though Christians claim they are guided by holy spirit but have malice against Muhammad (s.a.w), they are not succeeding , they are not getting a connection with Jesus Christ (A.S)
They messed up with Bible, when we point out to them the bible verses, they are agreeing that they are failed, they did not complete with the faith, even though they say they are born again!

Without accepting Prophet Muhammad with whole heart, no one is born again, no one is guided!, even though they are mastered in Quran or Gospel or Torah!
It does not take them any higher level of the spirituality!, any higher level of the Church of God (the church of all saints-Abraham, Issac and Jacob), to that AL Jamah which is mentioned in Quran 4:69

So wake up now, Muslim Christians and jews , wake up…surrender to the truth and truth will set your soul free..

Malik related to me from Ibn Shihab from Muhammad ibn Jubayr ibn Mutim that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “I have five names. I am Muhammad. I am Ahmad. I am al-Mahi (the effacer), by whom Allah effaces kufr. I am al-Hashir (the gatherer), before whom people are gathered. I am al-Aqib (the last).”
-Above hadith recorded in Muwatta Imam Malik , Book No 61


Jarîr relates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever initiates a good practice (sunnah hasanah) in Islam and is emulated by others in doing so will get the reward of it and the reward of all those who act upon it without their rewards being diminished in any respect. And whosoever initiates an evil practice (sunnah sayyi’ah) in Islam and is emulated by others will bear the sin of it and the sin of all those who act on it without their burden being diminished in the least. ” [Sahîh Muslim: (1017)]
Wa Mina Allahu Tawfiq