Saying “Juma Mubarak”is an Innovation?

Saying “Juma Mubarak” is a Bid’ah?

JUMA MUBARAK-A Wisdom to remind the Friday Prayer in this time of Jahiliyyah (Ignorance)

Abu Hurairah (Radiyallahu Andhu) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam) said once on a Friday: O group of Muslims! Allah has made this day an Eid for you, so take a bath and heedfully brush your teeth with Siwak(Miswak/toothstick).. [Tabarani,Majma’uz-Zawaid]For Deviant Wahhabis-Saying “JUMA MUBARAK” is shirk and bid’ah!!!
For Believers it is as Eid… and they greet each other by giving “salam” and greeting “Juma Mubarak”, as they greet for other 2 yearly Eid.
For Muslims we have many celebrations, for Wahhabis-they have only 2 (Two yearly EId)celebrations, they are blind!!!
This hadith is read before Khutuba in the Mosques in Kerala where shafi madhab is predominant:
“Innal Jumuatha Hajjul Fuqara’i wal Masaakeen wa Eid ul Mumineen”
Verily, Juma is the Hajj of poor and destitute and Eid (Feast) of Mumineen”
For Mumin Hajj is eid, but those who are not Mumin, those whose heart did not attain faith(Iman/Mumin) !, they say Juma greeting is Bidha and haram!
So follow the way of Mumineen, not deviant sects!
The real bid’ah is Wahhabism, and all Bid’ah is an Error and I do not want further to say about their final destiny!

3 thoughts on “Saying “Juma Mubarak”is an Innovation?”

  1. This post has not mentioned a Single ayah or hadith which says that saying Jumuah mubarak is a sunnah! Talk about being blind!

    1. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
      A good practice is allowed in Islam. Refer Sahih Muslim.
      Saying Juma Mubarak will help Muslims to make a reason to communicate each other, in this day people are just going to Masjid and coming back like robots, not much social relations among people!
      No one even communicate with strangers!
      So initiating such a good practice is very much important.
      There are not much direct hadiths or quran verses about so many things that are allowed in Islam.
      You should have asked, whether Quran or Hadith says Saying Juma Mubarak is forbidden?
      What will be your answer?
      If something is not forbidden (haram) in Islam, then why make it haram and a big issue?
      There are so many things Quran and Hadith did not mention
      For example: taking visa for Hajj and Umrah
      travelling in modern vehicles which pollute nature!
      Taking bank accounts and paying money by cards not by Dinar and Dirham!
      Eating while sitting on chair (Sunna eating is sitting on the floor)
      using tooth brush and tooth paste instead of miswak and many 100s more.
      All of the above is not prohibited in Quran and Sunnah directly.
      So think about the science of permissions and prohibitions.
      Permissions and prohibitions are on the basis of haram and halal laws, civil and criminal laws.

      Show us in any books of Islam, that says: “Saying Juma Mubarak” is haram/forbidden/disliked/sinful..
      And no counter arguments

      Jazakallah Khair.

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