Ego: The greatest enemy of a Seeker


No Satan and no Anti-Christs are greater enemy than one’s own ego (worldly desiring self). So the life style in Islam is based on training the ego and making it an obedient servant to Allah.

All the prescribed prayers, fasting and spiritual retreat in Islam is to eliminate the ego and bring it under control of the Spirit.

Spirit can be good, but ego can still be bad, like  a good tea poured into a dirty cup , a dirty self corrupt the soul!

In Spiritual ways (the ways of the Rabbanis), there is intensive training and spiritual exercises to the ego in the form of zik prayer and other serving activities that remove false pride from ego.

In other misguided sects in Islam, there is no spiritual knower and a righteous Imam, who can help a person to find solutions for his problem, which is  a sign that their way are not authentic and successful

Quran 25:43 Have you seen the one whose god is his own ego? Will you be his advocate?

Quran 45:23 Have you noted the one whose god is his ego? Consequently, God sends him astray, despite his knowledge, sealshis hearing and his mind, and places a veil on his eyes. Who then can guide him, after such a decision by God? Would you not take heed?

Quran 13:11 …God does not change the condition of any people unless they themselves make the decision to change…

Quran 47:14 Are those enlightened by their Lord the same as those whose evil works are adorned in their eyes, and they follow their own opinions?

Quran 2:54 Recall that Moses said to his people, “O my people, you have wronged your souls by worshiping the calf. You must repent to your Creator. You shall kill your egos. This is better for you in the sight of your Creator.” He did redeem you. He is the Redeemer, Most Merciful.


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